It’s time to choose the fairy you want to call your own! All fairies are magical, and they all love children. But each fairy has a unique personality and special talents, so pick the one you like the best. Then click on the “Adopt Me” link and you’ll get to name your fairy and receive your official Fairy Adoption Certificate.

Choose your Fairy

Yellow Fairy

The Yellow Fairy is lovely, kind, and fun. She is always smiling and happy, and is a wonderful person to be around.
  • Favorite Food – Ice cream and candy.
  • Favorite Animal – Unicorns, of course!
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Get up early to watch the beautiful sunrise each morning.
The Yellow Fairy is a beautiful friend to have. She will make you smile, laugh and sing out loud!

Purple Fairy

The Purple Fairy is incredibly sweet but very scatterbrained! She is constantly forgetting where she left her fairy dust and is forever losing her wand.

  • Favorite Food – Pancakes with syrup.
  • Favorite Animal – Mr. Wise Owl (who helps her remember where she left her wand and fairy dust).
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Fly with Mr. Wise Owl over the treetops without a care in the world!

The Purple Fairy truly is the sweetest fairy around and is always checking on her friends to make sure everyone is happy and has everything they need.

Peach Fairy

The Peach Fairy is an avid gardener. She has the ability to encourage anything to grow, and has a magical singing voice that the forest foliage loves.

  • Favorite Food – Fruit smoothies and sorbets.
  • Favorite Animal – Squirrels, who often challenge her to a race through the forest.
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Sing to flowers and plants to help them grow.

Peach Fairy is a wonderful friend with a lot of energy. She is full of fun! Listening to her magical voice will always put a smile on your face.

Blue Boy Fairy

The Blue Boy Fairy is strong, fearless and a true friend… he is also an incredible chef!
  • Favorite Food – Spaghetti with meatballs. (He always makes enough to feed the other fairies.)
  • Favorite Animal – A mini pig named “Penny,” who won’t leave his side.
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Swim in the river and skip rocks with his fairy friends (when he isn’t cooking, that is).
With Blue Boy Fairy as your friend, you will never be hungry!

Blue Fairy

The Blue Fairy is the most calm, loving and down-to-earth fairy. She has a unique talent with animals and birds. Just being around her, you can feel how special she is.
  • Favorite Food – Fruit, especially blueberries.
  • Favorite Animal – Bluebirds.
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Fly high in the big blue sky with her bluebird friends.
The Blue Fairy is a good friend to have, and you will be amazed at how the animals love her.

Aqua Fairy

This Fairy is an incredible artist! She loves to draw and color butterflies. She loves her friends and is always creating gifts for them.

  • Favorite Food – Gummy bears.
  • Favorite Animal – A woodpecker named Boris, who loves to watch her make wood carvings and sometimes tries to copy!
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Give butterfly drawings as gifts to her friends.

Having a creative fairy is so much fun! She is a very generous soul and loves to make her friends smile.

Red Fairy

The Red Fairy is the smallest of the fairies, but she makes up for it in spirit! She is a loyal friend who will always be by your side.

  • Favorite Food – Cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Favorite Animal – Her pet door mouse, Frankie.
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Play hide-and-seek in the forest with Frankie the door mouse.

There will never be a dull moment with the Red Fairy as your special friend! She is full of energy and will keep you smiling and happy.

Pink Fairy

The Pink Fairy is beautiful inside and out! She is honest to a fault and cares for everyone.
  • Favorite Food – Pink frosted donuts with sprinkles.
  • Favorite Animal – Kittens.
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Draw and paint animals.
The Pink Fairy is a wonderful, magical friend who will watch over you while you sleep.

Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is the most mischievous of all the fairies. She has a good heart and is a true friend, but watch out for her tricks and impish side!
  • Favorite Food – A bowl of Lucky Charms.
  • Favorite Animal – Lucky, the white rabbit.
  • Favorite Thing to Do – Collect four-leaf clovers (shamrocks).
Although the Green Fairy is full of mischief, she knows right from wrong and always tells the truth. She also has 100 jokes to tell you to make you laugh!

Forest Fairy

This Fairy is the party planner! She is confident, bold and usually in charge of all the fairy birthday parties.

  • Favorite Food – Hawaiian pizza.
  • Favorite Animal – A chameleon named Todd, who is always by her side.
  • Favorite Things to Do – Play hide-and-seek with Todd (but he always wins because she can never see him).

Although she loves to be in charge she isn’t bossy or mean. If her friends need help with a problem, she will be there to fix it. She will stick by you no matter what!

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