Multicolor LED Night Light Base Fairy Potion Spray

This sparkling night light base is the perfect pedestal for the Fairy in the Bottle and provides a reassuring presence for your child throughout the night. Its soft, beautiful colors illuminate the Fairy in the Bottle and cast a tranquil display on the ceiling above.

ONLY $19.95

Fairy Potion Spray

The fairy spray bottle is truly unique, just like the one in the storybook. Inside the bottle is an actual fairy, suspended! Surrounding the fairy is the magical spray potion, a mix of lavender and essential oils with soothing aromatherapy properties, that helps to calm little minds so they can drift off to sleep.

ONLY $19.95

Kira's Story Book

This quality, beautifully illustrated, hardcover story book tells the adventure of a little girl, Kira, who meets a fairy that creates a special potion to help Kira conquer her fear of monsters in the night. What a great way to introduce your child to the Fairy in the Bottle and the magic she makes!

ONLY $19.95

Travel Bag

Your child can take the Bedtime Kit along wherever they go! This attractive canvas bag is imprinted with the ingredients of the fairy’s special potion featured in the storybook. It is large enough to hold the kit, plus anything your child will need for an overnight stay.

ONLY $19.95




Paula Stuart

Thanks so much for the Fairy in the Bottle bedtime kit. It has come in so handy with the move, Amelia was a little scared of her new room and the fairy potion spray worked its magic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jessica Texas

I was excited to receive Fairy in the Bottle and so pleased with the total kit it even included a sleepover bag. What a creative and fun way to help little ones to move past their bedtime anxieties. I will recommend the Fairy in the Bottle bedtime kit to all my friends with kids.

Denise Michigan

Not only did the amazing fairy potion spray work like absolute magic. The glow from the night base for the Fairy in the Bottle is so cool and the travel bag is like no other. What can I say, we are big fans of Fairy in the Bottle bedtime kit!!

Cindy Pennsylvania

OMG, if you are looking for the silver bullet that will stop your kids from bedtime fears this is it, the fairy potion spray is amazing! My kids now have more confidence and they actually sleep better thank you thank you thank you! Cindy

Donna Florida

My five-year-old absolutely ADORES the Fairy in the Bottle bedtime kit! The story is so fun, and the art is beautiful! She keeps the entire kit in a safe place and each night she pulls out the fairy potion spray and spritzes around the room to help her go to sleep peacefully. This is a great gift!

    Fairy in the bottle bedtime kit
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