Fairy in the Bottle Bedtime Kit

This package includes:

  • Fairy Spray and Multicolor LED Light Base
  • All About Fairies and Instruction Card
  • Kira's Storybook
  • Fairy Door Coloring Sheet
  • Fairy Adoption Certificate
  • Travel Bag




The Bedtime Kit includes a charming booklet, “All About Fairies,” that introduces your child to the world of fairies, along with step‐by‐step directions for the kit’s nightly use. Also included are a fairy door coloring sheet, ready for your child to decorate and hang in their room; a hard cover story book about a young girl, Kira, and the fairy who befriends her; the spray bottle of magical fairy potion, featuring a fairy suspended inside the bottle; a multi‐color LED night light base for the bottle and a canvas travel bag for overnight trips.

Fairy in the bottle bedtime kit
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